How we cure damp!

Amvale Damp Proofing Services understand damp and it's causes.

Damp comes in many forms, Penetrative damp, cause by water seeping through the brickwork from the outside, or Rising damp coming up from the ground.

Damp can also be caused by Condensation, which can be fixed easily in most cases.

Plastering over the area is a very cheap way of disguising the problem which some of our competitors may suggest. It is not a remedy, and the damp will return. .... OR, we can fix it properly, just ONCE. 

Please don't ask us to plaster over the problematic area as this will not fix the problem and refusal often offends.

We will examine the problem areas and then advise, specify, supply, and guarantee all work and materials required to remedy your damp problem.  

Whether it's a small area of capillary action rising damp in the corner of your living room, or in a huge hotel or factory, We have a damp proofing solution to meet your needs.

Due to the nature of damp, and the different types and causes, our first action will be to carry out a survey to find out the exact nature of the problem. Call us or click the button below for a free, no obligation survey.

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