How we cure condensation!

The most common cause of damp in the home is condensation.

Water running down windows or walls is the usual, main symptom of a condensation problem.  If it is ignored, then it could damage your interior decoration, stain curtains, decay window frames and cause mould on wallpaper and painted surfaces. 

Another, less common form of condensation occurs when the dew point is reached, within the structure of the building itself.  This is known as interstitial condensation and can easily be mistaken for rising or penetrating damp.

A common solution is simply to heat the air in the room that is showing signs of condensation, but this is unlikely to be a satisfactory solution because of the increased heating costs, making it not really practical.

The most effective way to cure your condensation and mould problem is to lower the humidity of the air. This can be done in a variety of ways:-

  • Passive vents which allow moisture to exit the property without allowing draughts to enter, can be effective when installed in the correct position. 

  • Small extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms will carry away moisture-laden air from these two areas which are most responsible for creating condensation. These are now required by the Building Regulations in new constructions.  The extractor fans need to run constantly but cost less than £1 per year to run, and are completely silent.  

  • The latest and most effective method of dealing with condensation however is a whole house Intelligent Positive Input Ventilation unit (I-PIV). These work by taking dry air from the attic, roof space or loft, and mixing it with the moist air within the house. This has the effect of diffusing the moisture content with improved circulation as it pushes moist air out of the building. The units are "intelligent" as they sense when to heat air, and when to turn themselves on. For example, on hot days, they will not push hot air into the home.

I-PIV's also contain filters to remove impurities such as pollen from the air bringing relief to Hay-Fever and Asthma sufferers.

There are several models available, all of which are quiet and discreet, and we will be able to advise which will best suit your home. We even have a version for flats that don't have a loft/attic. 

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