Condensation is the most common form of unwanted dampness in buildings which is caused by moisture in the air condensing when it comes into contact with a cool surface.

Condensation is usually a winter problem which can lead to fungal decay in timbers, mould on walls, stained curtains and decayed window frames and left untreated mould can lead to respiratory problems for residents.

Sometimes we "upgrade" our homes to reduce draughts, and to improve upon heating, but by doing so we are reducing ventilation for example:

Non breathable roof underlay

uPVC windows

uPVC doors

The wrong type of soffits

Doors which brush against carpets

Poorly installed cavity and loft insulation

The fireplace has been sealed/partially sealed

Symptoms Of Condensation include:

  • ​Black spot mould (Aspergillus Niger)

  • Water running down windows, walls or pipework

  • Stained curtains

  • Decayed timber around window frames or doors

Action required:

​It is possible to implemented some solutions yourself by not drying clothes indoors and by placing fans in high-moisture areas. Other solutions require qualified experts such as treatments which improve the insulation of cold surfaces with thermal dry linings or by creating additional ventilation with the installation of air bricks or vents.

Our own qualified surveyor will give you the best advice available, including a detailed report of his findings, and suggestions for any remedial works required to protect your property.

We’ll advise of all actions that can be taken to improve upon the problem areas, along with the expertise required for the more complicated solutions.

The best way to properly ventilate your home without losing heat during the winter is by installing an I-PIV. You can find out about these HERE.

If remedial works are found to be necessary, then our trained technicians will carry out the most appropriate treatments professionally, expertly, and with the minimum of disruption.

Contact Amvale Damp Proofing Services on 07782 515 109 for an on-site assessment and quotation.​

Surveys and quotations are free within a 10 mile radius of Doncaster, although a charge of £40 plus VAT is made for any written reports that you may require, and the cost of these are refunded upon completion of the project.

We will match any like-for-like, genuine quotation.

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