Intelligent Positive Input Ventilation or I-PIV

The latest and most effective method of dealing with condensation is a whole house Intelligent Positive Input Ventilation unit (I-PIV).


These work by taking dry air from the attic, roof space or loft, and mixing it with the moist air within the house. This has the effect of diffusing the moisture content in the air, improving air quality and circulation, as it pushes moist air out of the building.


The units are "intelligent" as they sense that the air doesn't need warming during the summer, but heats it slightly in winter. So on hot days, they will not push hot air into the home.

I-PIV's also contain filters so whilst improving air quality, they also remove impurities such as pollen bringing relief to Hay-Fever and Asthma sufferers.

There are several models available, all of which are quiet and discreet, and we will be able to advise which will best suit your home. We even have a version for flats that don't have a loft/attic. 

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