Masonry Protection - keep your home warm and dry

When your home is exposed to rain, it can enter faulty or old brickwork and continue all the way through to your internal walls where it appears as black mould.

There may be that cracks in your bricks, or maybe the pointing in-between the brickwork may be letting in water in. It could even be that you have a wall that is being continuously battered by prevailing winds and rain, and never really gets the chance to dry out.

These cracks or holes in the pointing or brickwork will become worse over-time, as they expand when the water in them freezes, causing the face of the brick to crumble away and look shabby.

Penetrative Damp The resulting damp patches on your internal walls are known as penetrating or penetrative damp. ​ These patches might contain ‘salts’ which have washed out of the brickwork and which form white, crunchy deposits which can erupt through your paint and blow your plaster, spoiling your wallpaper and paint. The damp patches also create cold spots on your wall, which will lose heat 3 times faster than a healthy wall, and which will create more moisture in your home. This in-turn will form condensation, making the area even damper and encouraging the even more black mould. Waterproof your home this Autumn.

  • External waterproofing

  • Prevents Penetrative Damp

  • Reduces heat loss

  • Repels Rain-water

  • Provides long-lasting protection for 20 – 30 years

  • Prevents frost damage

  • Air permeable surface allows brickwork to breathe

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