Damp and Condensation in Rented Properties

Did you know that tenants can sue their landlord for issues arising from poorly maintained properties, including those with damp and condensation under laws that came into on 20th March 2019.

If the necessary repairs aren’t carried out, then the occupant can take them to court which can result in an injunction forcing the work being carried out.

You can find Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 HERE.

Tenants are also being approached with "No Win - No Fee" offers by companies who will act on their behalf, and take a cut.

​The housing charity – SHELTER - estimates that around 2.5 million people are living properties that are unfit for human habitation that is partly due to a 1985 law which made it the responsibility of local authorities to investigate conditions, which wasn’t possible in reality due to the lack of man-power required to carry out such checks. This in-turn allowed some unscrupulous landlords to skimp on the costs of maintaining their properties, leaving tenants to deal with the consequences.

Landlords now have to make sure their properties meet certain standards at the beginning and throughout a tenancy – Including Damp and Ventilation.

SHELTER have published a letter that tenants can use to request repairs from their landlord, and advice if they are worried about being evicted for complaining. Click HERE for full details.

Contact Amvale Damp Proofing Services on 07782 515 109 for an on-site assessment and quotation.​

Surveys and quotations are free within a 10 mile radius of Doncaster, although a charge of £40 plus VAT is made for any written reports that you may require, and the cost of these are refunded upon completion of the project.

We will match any like-for-like, genuine quotation.

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